1.8 Dax

Dax is arrested for the actions of a previous host – Curzon Dax betrayed General Tandro during the Klaestron Civil War, leading to his death. Before she can be taken back to Klaestron and be punished with death, her accuser must secure an extradition order from the Bajorans. This order is refused when it turns out that General Tandro betrayed himself to his enemies, and Curzon was in bed with Mrs Tandro at the time.


This is a fascinating episode, and introduces another interesting moral dilemma. The dilemma is simply this: Assume it is not possible to punish a guilty person without harming an innocent one. Therefore, which is the correct course, if justice is to be served: to permit the guilty to escape punishment; or to injure the innocent?

Annoyingly, the in-universe answer to this question is never given – the entire issue is dodged by the discovery that neither Jadzia nor Dax are guilty of the crime of which they are accused.  In my personal view, I would say that mercy should rob justice in this circumstance, although I can certainly appreciate the opposite viewpoint.

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