Female Changeling

The Female Changeling (who never gets a name or title beyond “Founder”) makes her first appearance in the third season two-parter The Search. She introduces Odo into the Great Link, and tries to persuade him to remain with them.

She then accompanies the first wave of Dominion forces through the wormhole after the alliance with Cardassia, and is the only Founder who plays an obvious role in leading the Dominion’s Alpha Quadrant forces. During the Dominion occupation of DS9, she transferred her flag to that station, and spent a great deal of time with Odo, distracting him from his duty.

The Female Changeling was captured at the conclusion of the war in order to sign a peace treaty. Her later fate was not revealed.


As a character, the Female Changeling is the only Founder we see any real characterisation of. Most others either appear as non-speaking extras or spend most of their time in disguise. She is cunning and a ruthless leader, but her inability to think as a solid would limits her effectiveness against them in combat. Used to commanding the unquestioning Jem’Hadar, she struggles to control the Cardassians and Breen in her navy. It is this misunderstanding that destroys the cohesion of the Dominion battlelines in the final battle and allows Federation forces to break through.

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