Benjamin Sisko

Benjamin Sisko is the commander of Deep Space Nine and, as of the start of Season Three, captain of the USS Defiant. His promotion to captain is confirmed a few episodes after the arrival of the Defiant, and marks the start of the series’ shift from a border post near the wormhole to a battlestation in a strategically-critical location.

Widowed during the Battle of Wolf 359, Sisko is raising his young son Jake alone. He is dedicated, intelligent, cunning and a dangerous warrior, able to inspire those under his command to impressive feats. He is a father to his men, and his loyalty and trustworthiness are well-known.

By discovering the Celestial Temple, Sisko acquired the religious title of “Emissary”, one with which he was initially ill-at-ease, feeling that such a role was not appropriate for a Starfleet officer. He eventually came to accept and even embrace this role, however.

Sisko held a number of other positions during his tenure on Deep Space Nine. He was named Chief of Starfleet Security and reassigned to Earth, where he lasted just long enough to stop a coup d’etat; and then as adjutant to Admiral Ross during the Dominion War, another job he held onto for as little time as possible before returning home to DS9.

While Sisko wants to become an admiral, over time he comes to like the idea of retiring to Bajor. However, as punishment for forcing the Prophets to intervene in the war, he is told that he will “find no rest there”. Shortly thereafter, Sisko plunges to his apparent doom in the Fire Caves of Bajor, taking the Kost-Amojan-possessed Dukat with him.


As a character, Benjamin Sisko fills the hero role. He is the ultimate ‘main character’ of the series, the focus of its attentions. It is his life we follow, and his challenges we see the crew overcome.

Initially reserved and considering leaving Starfleet, Sisko reacts well to the challenges of the Bajor system and exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. He is an excellent administrator, effective tactician and adequate commander, leading his troops to victory on many occasions.

As an actor, Avery Brooks does a creditable job of protraying Sisko. One of the jokes that floated around was that Captain Sisko had only two moods – calm and volcanic anger. While it’s true that Brooks does an utterly fantastic “furious” he actually is quite good. See ‘The Visitor’ and ‘In The Pale Moonlight’ for the most telling examples. ‘Explorers’ is good too.

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