Character Concept

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Character Concept Information

Character concepts for participation in d20 Modern campaign “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mercenaries”

Characters are to be created using the point buy system as given in the d20 Modern Sourcebook, characters starting with 25 points.


Your character is a new recruit into the large private military company, the League of Freedom. This corporation, legalised as part of the Reykjavík Accords, is one of several private armies that have sprung up as a result of the reduction of national armed forces. Now, global power struggles are enacted through contracted agents, shadow soldiers in an invisible war.

The League of Freedom has the best public perception, enhanced by the distinctive colour scheme of its assets and the efficiency of its PR people. Consisting of the best personnel the League can find from almost any background, the League has become noted for ignoring race, nationality and creed in its endeavours.

All basic classes are appropriate for League officers, as are most occupations. The majority of League forces have the Adventurer, Athlete, Criminal, Doctor, Emergency Services, Investigative, Law Enforcement, Military or Technician occupation, but almost any other is acceptable. An impressive backstory and justification will be necessary for characters using the Celebrity, Dillettante or Enterpreneur occupations, as these people are vanishingly rare in the League.

Specifically, your characters are part of the elite paramilitary Delta Squadron. Delta Squadron is the most well-known of the League’s 12 Squadrons. Deltas specialise in a wide variety of combat and infiltration roles, and serve as the foundation of most League endeavours.


While Delta Squadron is primarily a combat-focused group, there is room for all specialities in the four-group Squadron. Primary Combat Team (PCT) is the largest group. They are usually preceeded by troops from Infiltration and Covert Movement. The night-black ICM troopers secure forward positions and are responsible for most of the Squadron’s truly covert operations. It was a team from ICM that walked out of the Central Bank of Honduras with seventy-five million dollars of the government’s money into a government-owned armoured car, to be escorted by government troops to a government plane, which obligingly took them to the Cayman Islands where the cash was paid into the League accounts.

Behind the PCT lie the sharp-eyed, sharp-witted men and women of the Precision Tactical Sharpshooters. PTS provides accurate, long-range fire to protect League assets and premptively remove threats.

The fourth group is usually kept a long way from the others. The pryomanics that make up Explosives and Demolitions are considered either insane or sucidal, regardless of the fact that E&D has the lowest fatality record of any of the groups. They are responsible for both placing and disarming explosives, and most are also competent with other obscure weapons, such as grenade and rocket launchers, flamethrowers and trebuchets.

The League is headquartered on a floating barge, made from the remains of two supertankers badly damaged during the Battle for Flores. The League purchased the wrecks from the owners as part of their payment for the protection of six other tankers that made it past the blockade, and had an accomodation block and runway laid. Initially designed only for short-strip craft like helicopters, Ospreys and C130s, the strip was upgraded with a steam catapult and arrestor wires during the Operation PADSTOW.


With the rank of Recruit and assigned to the PCT, your characters will work together to overcome three training exercises, designed to allow assessment of your talents and teamwork. On successful completion of these three exercises, you will be promoted to the rank of Officer, and allowed to move to a specialised team within the Squadron.

The first training exercise will be Operation CAMPHOR, an infiltration into a civilan structure to acquire information on Executive Strike, Inc.

ExStrike, or the Company, is the League’s main rival. Blackwater Solutions focuses mainly on the Middle East, an area the League avoids, and Ni Jiang Zhongwen rarely leaves China and in any case is focused almost entirely on its own shadow war with Usagi San Kuni Musō, a group of Japanese mercenaries whose obsession with bushido and the way of the samurai have earned them little respect from their competitors.

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